Lamps and Lighting—Tiffany and His Contemporaries

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Mar 7 2023 -

Few designers did more to bring art into the home than Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933), and few of Tiffany’s incredibly varied products did more in this regard than his lamps. Tiffany had been interested in lighting since his days as a decorator, but the rapid adoption of electricity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century created unprecedented opportunities to marry technology and beautiful design for a much larger group of consumers. 

The new installation of Lamps and Lighting—Tiffany and His Contemporaries showcases some of Tiffany’s most innovative designs for lamps and sets a context for their production and design. John Dikeman’s workbench and lamp molds, recent acquisitions by the Morse, illustrate the process used in the creation of a lamp. Dikeman (1882–1967) was the head of Tiffany Studios lamp department until it closed in the 1930s.

Credit: Overview from museum website

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