Still Here: Still Life Imagery in the Permanent Collection

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Aug 19 2021 - Jan 15 2023

What is a still life painting, and what does this kind of painting mean to us in the Southwest today? First developed in Europe around 400 years ago, still life paintings depicted settings of lavish foods and luxury items as a reminder that life is fleeting. 

This exhibition at TMA, Still Here shows us that the still life has come a long way from its early origins. This exhibition explores still life works created over the past 200 years, highlighting trends in this genre in more recent times.​

In the American Southwest, still life paintings are created to depict local foods and Southwest art forms. New styles inform today’s works, which adopt Modernist conventions of depiction. Through it all, the painters who create these works continue to carefully observe details and explore profound themes around human existence. Still Here shows us that the still life remains a vibrant form of painting long after its inception.

Credit: Overview from museum website

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