In the Artist's Studio: Featuring Luz Donahue

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Feb 4 2022 - Jun 26 2022

My practice is in exploring my own perception. We are little blinking sensors moving through impossibly complex overlapping worlds we can barely comprehend. I believe in light amidst this chaos.”   — Luz Donahue

2022 is a blank slate. We feel tentative, but we have a chance to create something new, build new connections, and build resilience. Luz Donahue is an artist that has carved a practice by guiding people through unknown and sometimes difficult emotional pathways, towards unexpected insight.

Through In the Artist’s Studio, we get a glimpse at the creative process of someone who can reveal poetry from the chaos of the blank canvas. Her miniature watercolor paintings portray the richness that a universe of possibilities affords to those who are willing to listen.

Luz Donahue has had to forge her own way, with courage and optimism, throughout her life. As a self-taught artist with many talents, she has successfully worked doing digital marketing, commissioned portraiture, and art process painting workshops. The work we will explore with this In the Artist’s Studio exhibition is a set of windows into the human process of using art to express a connection with the unknown mysteries that the universe presents to you. 

Luz’s own work converges with that which her students produce, during a series of workshops over the summer of 2021, with a sense of spiritualism that points to a higher plane of communal awareness. She invites NUMU’s visitors to participate in a communal artwork, so that we may all experience the treasure that spontaneity and gesture will yield.

Credit: Overview from museum website

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