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Jun 29 2019 - Oct 12 2019

Monochromatic presents two new 3D animations by artist Andrew Elijah Edwards. 

Based on a deep fascination with vision and looking, Edwards utilizes the transmutation of light through digital media in his animations. He creates work that explores the moving image as a medium for experimentation within a perceptual landscape of direct experience that lives on the outskirts of linguistic expression and a metaphysical power channeled through the imagination. 

His processes develop in fascination with the horizons of consciousness and new imaginal realms facilitated by our relationship to emerging digital media. There is a ‘language’ in the mind capable of communicating with the world in a space beyond language and his work inhabits and navigates this place.

SCREEN is an ongoing CMCA series featuring current video work by artists with a connection to Maine.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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