Facing the Climate

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Jan 26 2019 - Oct 27 2019

To illustrate Sweden’s strong commitment to climate and environment issues, the Swedish Institute (SI) created the exhibition Facing the Climate together with five Swedish cartoonists: Magnus Bard, Riber Hansson, Helena Lindholm, Karin Sunvisson and Love Antell.

These five Swedish cartoonists, and their international colleagues, offer both amusing and alarming reflections on the climate with their art. Sweden is internationally known as a country that takes environmental issues and sustainability seriously, but taking something seriously doesn’t necessarily mean viewing it without humor. In Facing the Climate, satire and humor are blended with a genuine appeal for a more responsible attitude toward the issue.

As a gathering place for all, ASI aims to present the exhibition as part of a larger conversation. Facing the Climate aims to foster discussion and offer fresh and local perspectives on the climate issue.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website 

  • Works on Paper
  • European
  • Contemporary
  • Magnus Bard
  • Riber Hansson
  • Helena Lindholm
  • Karin Sunvisson
  • Love Antell

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