Art for Life: Ed Hardy and the Tattoo Renaissance

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Art for Life: Ed Hardy and the Tattoo Renaissance is the first museum retrospective of the renowned tattoo artist and will survey Hardy’s life in art that has as its inspiration both traditional American tattooing of the first half of the twentieth century and Japan’s ukiyo-e era culture. Paintings, drawings, prints, and three-dimensional works spanning forty years track Hardy’s goal of elevating the tattoo from its subculture, “outsider” status to a more important visual art form. 

Featured exhibits will, in the words of the artist, “reflect the disturbing nature of tattooing itself, the blurry patina of aged tattoos that have been in the skin for many decades, and design sheets yellowing on old tattoo parlor walls—a faded world almost extinct in the popularized fad tattooing” of contemporary culture.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.          

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