Saya Woolfalk: Expedition to the ChimaCloud

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Mar 1 2019 - Sep 1 2019

Contemporary artist Saya Woolfalk’s body of work transports visitors into a fantastical world where they encounter a fictional race of women Woolfalk has created called the Empathics.

Expedition to the ChimaCloud continues Woolfalk’s extensive narrative of the Empathics, who will be introducing their newest groundbreaking technology at the Nelson-Atkins. The exhibition is an immersive, multimedia experience created for the Nelson-Atkins that incorporates themes of cultural hybridization, technology, identity, ceremonial rituals, and science fiction.

Three interrelated works in the Bloch Building will tell the story of the ChimaCloud, an alternative digital universe created by the Empathics. For this installation, Woolfalk drew her inspiration directly from the Nelson-Atkins permanent collection.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website 

  • Installation
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Saya Woolfalk

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