Daria Martin: Tonight the World

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Jun 27 2019 - Feb 19 2020

San Francisco-born artist Daria Martin’s newly-commissioned installation combines computer gaming technology and film to explore the unconscious memories of her grandmother, artist Susi Stiassni, who fled the former Czechoslovakia from the Holocaust. An immersive and atmospheric environment, the installation stages a series of intimate encounters with an extensive archive of Stiassni’s dream diaries. Created over a thirty-five year period, these meticulously recorded accounts amount to over ten thousand diary pages, and were originally chronicled for the purposes of psychoanalysis. Stiassni’s dreams frequently return to the curious and traumatic history of her childhood home, a modernist villa, still standing today in the city of Brno.

This multimedia exhibition includes a film created using computer gaming technology that takes users on a journey through a 3-D rendering of the villa in Brno as it appeared when Stiassni lived there. A second film, shot with actors, presents a reimagining of four of Stassni’s dreams set within the modernist house. The installation operates simultaneously as a portrait of Martin’s ancestor, a self-portrait, and an exploration of intergenerational trauma, intolerance, migration, loss, and resilience.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.          

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • International
  • Daria Martin

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