Akram Zaatari: The Fold: Space, Time and the Image

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Oct 5 2018 - Feb 10 2019

Acclaimed Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari combines the roles of image-maker, archivist, curator, filmmaker and critical theorist to explore the role photography plays in both instituting and fabricating identity. 

For this exhibition he positions the seemingly simple fold as a narrative form, a reorganization, an enduring obfuscation and the memory of material. In his words, "a photograph captures space and folds it into a flat image, turning parts of a scene against others, covering them entirely. Every photograph hides parts to reveal others... What a photograph missed and what was present at the time of exposure will remain inaccessible. In those folds lies a history, many histories." The work on display will attempt to uncover and imagine these stories, undertaking a provocative archaeology that peers into the fissures, scratches, erosion and that which archives previously shed.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.          

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  • Akram Zaatari

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