Dimensions of Photography: Dubuque Camera Club 5th Annual Exhibition

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Sep 2 2017 - Oct 29 2017

The Dubuque Museum of Art is proud to host the 5th annual exhibition of photography by members of the Dubuque Camera Club. DUMA is excited to continue its partnership with our local camera club as both organizations strive to foster the continuing evolution of photography as an art form. The theme of this year’s exhibition focuses on the versatility of digital photography and the degree of technique utilized in the making of a picture. The exhibition is arranged by the progression of the level of camera work, specialized equipment, and technical skill required. Beginning with straightforward techniques that are more reliant on the positioning and judgement of an experienced photographer. Followed by images that require a higher level of camera work, advanced equipment, and controlled environments. And ending with the full-on creative process of post-production work, where photographers manipulate and create their images using desktop publishing software.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website 

  • Photography
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Group show

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