Iowa Artists 2017: Yun Shin

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Aug 25 2017 - Dec 3 2017

Yun Shin’s subtle works on paper are created using repeated tracings of the same shapes, employing carbon paper, pin points, or oil paint stains. The simple grid-like forms and monotone colors lend the work a sense of minimalism, but the personal nature of her patterns—created by repeatedly copying the calligraphy of her father’s signature or patterns of her mother’s knit work—infuse the drawings with a personal tone amplified by the time-consuming nature of her process. Of her work, the artist says “Through recreating the objects bases on my own personal interpretation, I start to understand the intense process of working alone in contemplation. The more I personalize my family’s possessions, the more I am able to see myself in them.”

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Works on Paper
  • Contemporary
  • Yun Shin

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