Shooting Wallpapers: Brigitte Zieger

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Sep 5 2017 - Dec 1 2017

Inspired by 18th C. French Toile de Jouy printed textiles and wallpaper, Paris-based artist Brigitte Zieger re-imagines the designs through video installations. Zieger creates visual tensions by pairing historic utopian references with violent, thought-provoking visuals from contemporary society. Shooting Wallpaper (2006) presents idyllic pastoral motifs that turn into unexpected animated surfaces. The female shepherd suddenly stands, walks towards the viewer, and begins shooting a gun before turning back around and once again becomes camouflaged within the wallpaper patterns. The exhibition consists of four animated wallpapers including: Shooting Wallpaper (2006), Exploding Wallpaper (2007), Tank Wallpaper (2009), and Bewildered (2012). Each one asks viewers to think about what we hang in our home, what our decor is made up of, and what realities they keep out of sight.

The exhibition will include a selection of 18th C. and 19th C. French porcelain from John Young Museum’s permanent collection, generously donated by Steven and Ginger Speigel. Juxtaposing Zieger’s animations with 18th and 19th C. porcelain, repositions the collection questioning the often hidden social meanings.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website 

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • European
  • Contemporary
  • Brigitte Zieger

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