Intersections: Finding True North

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Apr 8 2017 - Sep 17 2017

From inside the Artist Studio, NAAM Youth Curators present Intersections: Finding True North. This year’s Youth Curators were inspired by the rich history of the Central Area, once a community largely populated by Black people who now see that targeted growth displaces them and demolishes the built spaces that helped to create their identity.

In this exhibit, stories are told through maps. In this collective mapping project, Youth Curators use artistic techniques, historic context and storytelling to support creative messaging that adds to the discourse on livable neighborhoods, intersections & finding true north

Over twelve sessions, Youth Curators received instruction to develop their artistic skill and through the process formed a deeper regard for African American artists. As Youth Curators challenged their creativity, they experienced the limitless potential for experimenting outside of self-imposed boundaries to express art through their own creative lens.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Works on Paper
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Ethnic / Gender
  • Various artists

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