Baccari: Tale Padre Tale Figlio

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Aug 24 2017 - Jan 7 2018

Museo Italo Americano

San Francisco, CA

The upcoming exhibit features works by two generations of San Francisco photographers: Alessandro Baccari Sr. (1888 – 1966) and his son Alessandro Baccari Jr. (1928 – ). The exhibit has been designed to explore the development of the creative process and how drama and excitement come into focus through planned use of light. Each of the photographic images is dramatically unique and reflects the photographers’ insights into composition and design. For Baccari Sr. and his son, creativity is a survival skill and the cutting edge is within one’s mind. As photographers they made up their own laws of composition and in so doing brought originality to their work.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.         

  • Photography
  • American
  • Alessandro Baccari Sr.
  • Alessandro Baccari Jr.

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