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Jul 6 2017 - Jul 28 2017

In the beginning, I painted simply to convey the beauty of a view, but over time I have learned that a painting is more effective when its aesthetic beauty is coupled with a deeper meaning. I want to give voice to the landscape as I interact with it and as I explore my relationship with it. As I go from initial sketch to final painting I love to explore how color and light and form can tell a story without words. I spend a lot of time pondering various themes that might seem unsuited to landscape painting. However, with time and deep wells of inspiration that bubble to the surface in quiet moments I find ways to express personal experiences and feelings through seemingly mute clouds, land, and water. I try to find a way to tell my own story in paint.

This current body of work comes from an abiding faith I have held dear since I was a child. As I’ve grown older and added more noise to my life I often feel that the heavens are like brass above my head. When the heavens do open it is like sweet rain falling on a thirsty garden. These paintings are a way for me to express some of those feelings and some of the ways I hold onto my faith in times of darkness or confusion. I have chased this idea by using the sky as a metaphor in most cases. I hope that as I share these paintings they may be a statement of my hope and unwillingness to let go. I am calling this my Enduring Series. I hope it will resonate with others as they consider their own wrestle with faith and commitment to things that are true but not seen.     – Erin Spencer

Erin Spencer

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