Cuong Nguyen Pastels

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Aug 19 2017 - Nov 5 2017

Triton Museum of Art

Santa Clara, CA

Cuong Nguyen's ability to highlight the beauty in the world around him is something that informs his art as well as his perspective. One might say that he represents the opposite of the tortured artist cliché: despite the fact that his formative years in Vietnam were characterized by significant hardship, his sometimes romantic and sometimes mysterious portraits and still life paintings reflect his positive outlook and determination to persevere.

Beginning August, 2017, the Triton Museum of Art will feature the amazingly detailed and realistic pastel portraiture of Cuong Nguyen. Like the masters of old, Nguyen layers his creations with a delicacy that gives his images lifelike depth and color.

  • Painting
  • Asian
  • Contemporary
  • Portrait
  • Cuong Nguyen

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