Al Ahad: The Hijab Project

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Jul 21 2017 - Jan 27 2018

Al Ahad conducted surveys at three locations in the Salt Lake Valley in order to gain insight into local residents’ views of Islam. In particular, survey questions focused on the hijab, a headscarf worn by Muslim women. The survey results indicated widespread disinformation about the hijab, including the belief that the hijab is intrinsically connected to gender oppression.

Informed by the survey results and their own experiences, Al Ahad created The Hijab Project. They invited Muslim women from around Salt Lake City to participate in workshops to create their own headscarves. As participants used the hijab as their canvas, they let their personalities shine through. These artworks reflect each woman’s individual spirituality with the hope of dispelling stereotypes surrounding women who wear the hijab.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.         

  • Costume
  • Islamic / Assyrian / Persian
  • Contemporary
  • Sacred
  • Group show

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