Mingled Mediums: Christina Massey

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Jul 7 2017 - Oct 1 2017

Noyes Museum of Art

Atlantic City, NJ

Located at the Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University, 2200 Fairmount Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Christina Massey’s work teeters on the edge of both painting and sculpture. Her work is highly intuitive, reacting to the materials and building upon them as the work evolves. Her work indulges the senses with an overload of aesthetic qualities like textures, color, form and pattern. Artists such as John Chamberlain, Susan Bengali, El Anatsui and Lee Bontecou have influenced her work. Massey’s work shares a sensitivity to materials, form and process with an inspiration from textiles and re-purposed products. She blends and blurs the lines between sculpture and painting in her colorful, abstract, textural artworks.

Massey's process involves constant deconstruction and reconstruction of her works. She will frequently cut and tear pieces of her canvases apart, removing them from their stretcher bars and reusing parts of one to begin another. Some of her canvases have been re-purposed many times over. In this way, her body of work is a conversation with itself - a visual dialogue chronicling her creative endeavors. 

"I’ll combine new canvas and other elements as needed for the current work, sometimes leaving the surface of the old painting as it once was, sometimes adding more paint on top of it, but still leaving it identifiable as the previous artwork. It’s a process of constantly constructing and deconstructing, always building upon the old for the new." - Christina Massey

  • Mixed-media
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Christina Massey

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