Vita Eruhimovitz: Un/Virtual

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Jun 2 2017 - Sep 23 2017

An unprecedented exhibition for the Sheldon Art Galleries, Vita Eruhimovitz: Un/Virtual uses a combination of augmented reality and video projection to explore the phenomenon of smart phone and tablet-mediated vision and our relationship to the landscape.

The exhibition is a chapter in Vita Eruhimovitz’s (pronounced Ye-roo-he-mo-vich) exploration of the relationship between “Homo Technicus” (Technical Man) and environment. In her current body of work, the artist examines the merging of physical space and virtual space by focusing her attention on the mobile device as the mediator and the gateway between the two. In the exhibit, Eruhimovitz combines augmented reality (AR) accessed by touch-screen tablets in the gallery or by personal smart phones via an app, and video projections on the gallery walls. Both the AR and the video projections deal with technology-mediated vision of one’s surrounding. Free of traditional “art objects,” the gallery hosts wall-based images that trigger the AR, video projections, wall drawings, and a set of everyday items manipulated to divorce them from their physicality and turn them into “virtual-physical objects.”

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website 

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • Contemporary
  • Vita Eruhimovitz

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