The Lasting World: Simon Dinnerstein and the Fulbright Triptych

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Mar 9 2018 - Jun 30 2018

This exhibition of Dinnerstein's work explores the noted New York artist’s creative arc from early, hyper-realist works through more introspective and fantastical later works. The Fulbright Triptych is its centerpiece, a monumental work (fourteen feet across) that New York Times art critic Roberta Smith described as a “crackling, obsessive showboat of a painting, dreamed up during a decade when the medium supposedly teetered on the brink of death.”

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website 

Whether you go or not, The Suspension of Time: Reflections on Simon Dinnerstein and The Fulbright Triptych is a collection of essays on Dinnerstein’s masterpiece, The Fulbright Triptych. It includes writing by an extraordinarily diverse range of contributors, from the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novelist Jhumpa Lahiri to acclaimed poet Dan Beachy-Quick, and from art historians such as Colin Eisler, Albert Boime, and Thomas M. Messer to composer George Crumb and actor John Turturro. Each essay in The Suspension of Time offers its unique perspective, but taken as a whole they develop a dialogue of collaboration that directly reflects The Fulbright Triptych’s inherent message of symphonic connectivity, and demonstrate the rich potential for collaboration between visual, literary, musical, and other arts.

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