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Sep 8 2017 - May 5 2018

Tina Freeman: Artist Spaces captures the studio practices of contemporary artists based in New Orleans and features a compelling display of photographic images of individual artist’s workspaces, paired with three-dimensional examples of each artist’s work. This exhibition originated in 2014 at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and also in book form, published by UL Press and co-authored by Tina Freeman and Morgan Molthrop. Tina Freeman is a New Orleans-based photographer specializing in landscapes, architecture and interiors.

Artist Spaces is a continuation of Freeman’s longstanding photographic interests. It began with shooting her friend, Andy Warhol, in a Paris apartment in 1975. Freeman bought her first SLR digital camera in 2005, and asked artist George Dureau if she could document his studio on Dauphine Street. After seeing the results, she decided to continue with this project and survey the practices of additional artists. At this point the project includes twenty-one artist studios in the Louisiana area, including the working spaces of Luis Cruz Azaceta, Keith Calhoun and Chandra McCormick, George Dureau, Ron Bechet, Ma-Po Kinnord-Payton, George Dunbar, Dawn Dedeaux, Elizabeth Shannon, Willie Birch, Ersy, David Halliday, Stephen Coenen, Robert Tannen and Jeanne Nathan, Elenora Rukiya Brown, Nicole Charbonnet, Kevin Kline, Amy Weiskopf, Keith Duncan, Josephine Sacabo, Lin Emery, and graffiti artist Fat Kids from Outer Space.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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