The World Reflected

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Jul 27 2017 - Oct 28 2018

A key function of art is to provide commentary and insight on the world around us. It can be critical or affirmative, and focus on the sensational or the mundane.

Ultimately, art is a visual account of our history told by the artists who make it, giving the viewer access to multiple truths and perspectives that may be absent in mainstream discourses. 

The World Reflected features highlights from the museum’s contemporary art collection that touch upon current issues such as identity, ethnic inequality, colonialism, and the environment.

See works by Vito Acconci, Robert Arneson, Jennifer Bartlett, Geoff Chadsey, Lesley Dill, Edgar Heap of Birds, William Kentridge, Kara Walker and others.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Contemporary
  • Vito Acconci
  • Robert Arneson
  • Jennifer Bartlett
  • Geoff Chadsey
  • Lesley Dill
  • Edgar Heap of Birds
  • William Kentridge
  • Kara Walker
  • and others

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