Rome: City and Empire

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Feb 23 2018 - May 28 2018

Frist Art Museum

Nashville, TN

The stories of Rome and its vast empire continue to captivate and intrigue people almost three thousand years after its foundation. Rome: City and Empire brings to Nashville more than two hundred of the British Museum’s most engaging and beautiful Roman objects. They tell the story of how Rome grew from a series of small villages into a mighty empire, on an unprecedented scale.

The British Museum’s exceptionally broad collections have enabled the creation of a truly inspiring experience. Explore how the empire was won and held, witness the grandeur of Rome, and understand and celebrate the rich diversity of her peoples.

The exhibition is a dramatic yet accessible introduction to the Roman imperial period for audiences with no previous knowledge of it, while providing a range and depth of material for those with an existing interest in Roman history.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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