Augmented Reality

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Jun 1 2017 - Sep 3 2017

Augmented Reality examines what impact the digital landscape has on our three-dimensional reality. With our always increasing consumer culture, techniques of illusion, and how we engage with one another and ourselves online, the mediated experience seeps into everyday experience. Augmented Reality is a critical look at digital escapism and current control techniques of our ongoing spectacular society. Through a variety of perspectives, we explore the filters we apply to our “real” world and ones applied for us. The selected works examine desire, status, the currency of perceived experience, histories of illusions as inherent to nature and human interest, and the debris of a day to day life specifically lives mediated and lived through screens. Participating artists include Susi Brister, Kris Pierce, Randy Bolton, Frank Benson, Nancy de Holl, Yoonmi Nam.

  • Various Media
  • Contemporary
  • Susi Brister
  • Kris Pierce
  • Randy Bolton
  • Frank Benson
  • Nancy de Holl
  • Yoonmi Nam
  • and others

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