Slow Art: Leigh Ann Hallberg | Setsuya Kotani | Jeannine Marchand | Jan­Ru Wan

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Feb 2 2018 - Apr 15 2018

In a world increasingly geared to immediacy and the necessity of compressing content and goods into efficiently deliverable units, the artists in this exhibition ask the viewer to slow down. Visitors are invited to enter a meditative mode and participate in the reflective processes involved in the artistic process. Leigh Ann Hallberg’s “portable meditation cube” a minimalist structure housing the artist’s drawings, literalizes this form of viewing in which a sustained visual focus allows the physical to invoke the immaterial. Intricate fiber and mixed media installations by Jan­ Ru Wan reflect a blending of Eastern and Western cultural traditions. The honed surfaces of Setsuya Kotani’s color field paintings and Jeannine Marchand’s clay reliefs draw the viewer in yet allow for a certain form of detachment described by writer Porter Aichel as the ability to “depict nothing yet distill the essence of many things” comparable to Zen meditation practices. “Slow art viewing days” at GreenHill will encourage the public to participate in sustained viewing.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Various Media
  • Contemporary
  • Leigh Ann Hallberg
  • Jan­ Ru Wan
  • Setsuya Kotani
  • Jeannine Marchand

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