Unmasked Possibilities: MFA Thesis Exhibit

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Apr 21 2017 - May 26 2017

Artist statements:

David Roon
My work draws from the field of conservation biology- encompassing evolution (human and non-human), questions of gender and alterity, and anthropogenic impacts (hormonal effluent, ingestion of cigarettes by songbirds, etc.). I also draw from mythological imagery to illustrate specific ecological threat, utilizing mixed media installation and printmaking.

James Mammone
The work I will be showing is an emblem of my attempt to hone and master my creative spark.

Lindsay Mammone
I'm investigating the body as a medium and how society identifies females versus the undertone of what's really going on within a female. How do we identify ourselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally and how does being a female shift that conversation, if at all? How can performance art expand or create intrigue for the viewer within these conversations? What are the benefits of investigating theatre practices as a performance artist? When we break down the barrier walls we may be surprised with what we find about the truth that lies within.

Reinaldo Gil-Zambrano
Reinaldo Gil is a Latin-American printmaking artist born in Caracas, Venezuela. Since an early age he has traveled the world collecting unique stories from casual encounters that later enriched the visual narratives of his drawings and relief prints. Gil found inspiration studying the common aspect of the cultural identity and iconography from the wrongly defined "Third World Countries". Gil's work studies the universal idea of home and its influence on individual personalities.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • American
  • Contemporary
  • David Roon
  • James Mammone
  • Lindsay Mammone
  • Reinaldo Gil-Zambrano

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