New York, New York!

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Aug 5 2017 - Oct 29 2017

“There is no place like it, no place with an atom of its glory, pride and exultancy;” so wrote Walt Whitman in describing New York City, one of the most diverse and distinctive places on Earth. Artists have found a great deal of inspiration within the boundaries of this whirring metropolis, moved by the energy of the crowds, the towering architecture, and the sounds, sights and smells that define it as a city without peers.

The Huntington Museum of Art has a number of works in its collection that depict The Empire City, including paintings, prints, photographs and glass, and they will be featured in New York, New York! Several of the artworks focus upon recognizable landmarks in the city, including Richard Haas’ etching that depicts the Flatiron Building, views of the Brooklyn Bridge by Robert Indiana and William Walcot, and two Pilgrim Glass vases that include images of the Statue of Liberty and the Haupt Conservatory at the New York Botanical Garden.

Some artists chose more general views, including Reginald Marsh’s watercolor titled Skyline, Everett Shinn’s pastel Snow Flurries, New York Bay, Risaburo Kimura’s look at the towering cityscape in his print New York, and Childe Hassam’s etching of a street scene, The Billboards, New York. The glistening lights of the city are featured in Berenice Abbott’s photograph New York at Night, and in Yvonne Jacquette’s Motion Picture, Times Square.

A newly acquired painting by Parkersburg, West Virginia, native Anne Rector, 3rd Avenue, New York City, shows a bustling street scene. The wide range of work on display mirrors the dynamism of the city itself, which can change, as the artist John Sloan once remarked, “before the paint on (your canvases) is dry.”

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • American
  • Anne Rector
  • Richard Haas
  • Robert Indiana
  • William Walcot
  • Reginald Marsh
  • Everett Shinn
  • Risaburo Kimura
  • Childe Hassam
  • Berenice Abbott
  • Yvonne Jacquette

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