Taha Heydari: Subliminal

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Jun 22 2017 - Oct 8 2017

The paintings of Iranian-born, Baltimore-based emerging artist Taha Heydari are richly textured narrative surfaces that resemble digital tapestries. Heydari employs elaborate 'filters' of line drawing, computer-generated patterns, traditional Islamic art motifs, and found photographic imagery culled from the Internet and the archives. Through a complex veil of information emerge views on the darkness of political authoritarianism.

In a series of new works made for this exhibition, we witness a hallucinatory landscape of covert government actions, political intrigue, and civilian life under arrest. These scenes are balanced by the artist's thrillingly fresh language of painting and his translation of glitch and pixel into painterly mark.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Painting
  • Contemporary
  • Taha Heydari

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