The Constant: Mizzonk With Wan-Yi Lin and Roger Chen

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May 4 2017 - Jun 10 2017

From May 4 through June 10, 2017, we are excited to present Mizzonk, the artist team (husband and wife, Architecture and MFA) of Wan-Yi Lin and Roger Chen. Based in the Greater Vancouver Area of BC, Canada, these two talents have art and design backgrounds that have involved creating art and installations that invoke a sense of mindfulness and the notion of "being."

“MIZZONK,” a name inspired by a monk’s devotion to contemplation and his work, is an award-winning collaborative art and design studio based in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Mizzonk's work evokes the senses and stimulates the relationship between one's inner world and the connection to one's outer world. Both founders believe that a person's relationships with others and with the world start with an introspective view and the exploration of the inner self.

Subjects in Mizzonk's art include consciousness, introspection, human nature, the human condition, memories and identity.

In a stripped-down, minimal and timeless appearance, Mizzonk's art invites the viewer to engage. It creates conversation, invites imagination and calls for contemplation.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Canadian
  • Contemporary
  • Wan-Yi Lin
  • Roger Chen

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