Yellowstone: Wilderness in a Box The Art of James Prosek

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The special exhibition Yellowstone: Wilderness in a Box, showcases the work of internationally-renowned artist James Prosek. A major contributor to the Center’s 2016 exhibition Invisible Boundaries: Exploring Yellowstone’s Great Animal Migrations, Prosek’s pieces from that exhibition, regrouped and reinterpreted, now appear in a stand-alone exhibition. On display in the Center’s Cody Firearms Museum Breezeway. 

Karen McWhorter, Curator of the Center’s Whitney Western Art Museum and this special exhibition, says, “Prosek’s paintings beautifully complemented the other components of Invisible Boundaries—photography, film, and biological research. He helped us see the ‘bigger picture’ and made the exhibition all the more resonant and relatable for our visitors. I’m glad for the opportunity to showcase his work on its own, too; we’re incredibly lucky to exhibit his art in Cody, Wyoming.”

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Painting
  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Animals / Wildlife / Nature
  • James Prosek

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