Alan Spitzer

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May 4 2017 - Jul 5 2017

[....] Elegant and exotic orchids have held the fascination of humans for millennia. Many cultures believed them to provide virility and power whereas others utilized their healing properties. Orchids have always been treasured for their beauty and scent as much as they still are today. Alan Spitzer has captured images of these botanical gems.

In the 1970’s, Alan Spitzer, M.D. began photography. He started working primarily in black and white. He progressively moved to color over the past 15 years as the craft advanced in color printing techniques. All of his current work is color photography which he controls the printing process himself. Spitzer studied with the late Ansel Adams just prior to his death in 1984. That experience created a profound and lasting influence on much of his work with the landscape. Yet, Spitzer found himself compelled to photograph the city. He began to explore graffiti and street art as another facet of potential photographic expression. This work originally started in Philadelphia, but has expanded to New York and Miami in recent years.


Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Photography
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  • Alan Spitzer, M.D.

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