Show The People What They’ve Won

Jenny Drumgoole & Sister Spaceship

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Apr 7 2017 - Jul 2 2017

In Show The People What They’ve Won, Jenny Drumgoole and Sister Spaceship explore the fringes of reality, virtual reality, and reality television. Each artist has her own approach to peeling back the veneer of our current hyper-media state. Sister Spaceship dresses down the camera-ready, heavily scripted monotony of daytime television and offers a humbled version of our favorite TV formats. Jenny Drumgoole takes to the Internet and turns a fun-for-all Philadelphia Cream Cheese competition into a chance to pull back the curtain and expose the false identities of mass-market ad campaigns. 

Sister Spaceship and Jenny Drumgoole explore our obsessive relationship with connectivity and the facades we readily create and accept in life. Their work points to how we might liberate ourselves from buying into the media game, while not selling out our individuality. That balance is hard to find and their artistic process is a means of finding it.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Jenny Drumgoole
  • Sister Spaceship

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