Survey 2: The Boundaries of Normal

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Mar 24 2017 - Apr 29 2017

In partnership with the Art Museum at the University of Memphis, Collabortory presents Survey 2: The Boundaries of Normal. Envisioned by artist/cultural producer Cat Peña, Collabortory is a creative platform that offers an alternative method to producing public art, focusing on artist led collaborative practices.

Survey 2: The Boundaries of Normal was broken into three phases:
Phase 1: Observation/Research
Phase 2: Hypothesis
Phase 3: ArtLABS (experimentation)

For the past five months students/faculty of the University of Memphis, sixteen local artists/makers and residents of the neighborhood have collaboratively explored and researched the Normal Station neighborhood, due south of the main University of Memphis campus. From our informed research a series of thought-provoking and site-specific public art experiments were produced and temporarily installed in the neighborhood. These works were symbols of the neighborhood's historic, economic, and cultural development and their intention was to add aesthetic vibrance and an enhanced "sense of place".

Research results, documentation, and artifacts from each experimental public art project produced during ArtLABS will be installed at the Art Museum at the University of Memphis from March 24th – April 29th 2017.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Various artists

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