Ebru: Floating Emotions

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Apr 4 2017 - Jul 9 2017

A vivid blue floats idly on water, guided by a metal pin pulling at its color - the beginning designs of a new ebru. Ebru is the traditional Turkish art of paper marbling - sprinkling or dripping paint onto water, and using different tools to create designs that are then transferred to paper. From abstract patterns to vivid flower buds, each ebru is a unique interaction between the artist and their aquatic medium. Emotion, belief, and intention are all reflected throughout each work in the colors and techniques used, as the artist balances control and improvisation while the paints float across the water's surface.

Ebru: Floating Emotions explores this tradition in view of those three aspects - emotion, belief, and intention - and how they guide an ebru artist. Featuring ebru by ipek, Ali Burak, and Musa Saracoglu.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

Whether or not you go, Turkish Art of Marbling explores what may be the single most important area of art appreciation in Turkey today. The aim of this book is not to define Marbling, but rather to show it's progress from a craft to an art, to exhibit the work of certain Masters of the art, and to explain this body of work in simple terms.

Turkish Art of Marbling

  • Works on Paper
  • Asian
  • ipek
  • Ali Burak
  • Musa Saracoglu

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