The History of Space Photography

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Oct 14 2017 - Jan 6 2018

This exhibition presents and explains the extraordinary variety of important historic, modern, and contemporary space photographs that have been made since the development of the photography in the first half of the19th century. Images of deep space from great observatories around the world are included. In addition, many photographs from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and other institutions’ exploration of the solar system are represented, as well as a history of satellite photographs of our planet and the revolutionary discoveries these represent. There also are three Power Point presentations (suitable for flat-screen televisions) with more images and videos to supplement the framed photographs of the Earth; the solar system; and the universe beyond.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

Whether or not you go, The History of Space Photography includes space photographs from 1839 through 2012 of the Solar System, the universe, and the Earth from telescopes, satellites, and spacecraft. Interviews with five prominent astronomers and astrophysicists accompany the stunning images.

The History of Space Photography

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