Elizabeth Price

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Dec 8 2018 - Feb 23 2020

Walker Art Center

Minneapolis, MN

London-based artist Elizabeth Price (British, b. 1966) creates richly layered moving image works made specifically for gallery environments. The artist’s intricate compositions blur the boundaries between historical fact and fiction, real and imagined narratives.

Price often begins with research undertaken in archives and museum collections, drawing on varying references such as architectural sites, social and political histories, and the language of ad copy. Composed of collaged imagery featuring analogue and digital photography, animation, and motion graphics, her works are often accompanied by scrolling text, narrated by a computerized voice and paired with music. Her arresting works are noteworthy for their complex editing, in which the interplay of the visual and aural are deftly layered with her soundtracks.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • British
  • Contemporary
  • Elizabeth Price

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