ScanLAB Projects: Post-lenticular Landscapes

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Apr 6 2017 - Apr 18 2017

In April 2016, ScanLAB Projects traveled to the Yosemite Valley and used terrestrial 3D scanners to replicate the early photographic expeditions of Eadward Muybridge and Ansel Adams. The technology is a form of active imaging that captures dense, 3D data about object surfaces and is envisioned by the artists as the “camera of the future.” The valley’s vast setting, rugged landscape, and water features posed numerous challenges, pushing the equipment to its very limits. More than 150 groundbreaking scans were captured, including screenings of large waterfalls, a first for the artists.

For the journey, ScanLAB retrofitted their vehicle, a Santa Fe SE SUV donated by LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab sponsor Hyundai, into a traveling studio where the artists could process and review their data. The vehicle has been converted again into a traveling digital diorama and is parked on LACMA’s Zev Yaroslavsky Plaza for a limited time, inviting visitors to peer into a ghostly 3D landscape of the Yosemite Valley.

ScanLAB Projects is a London-based design studio experimenting with the potentials of large-scale 3D scanning. Their practice explores the world through the eyes of this post-lenticular technology, creating animations, images, objects, and installations in response to the data they capture.

  • Photography
  • Contemporary
  • Landscape

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