Kinesthesia: Latin American Kinetic Art, 1954–1969

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Aug 26 2017 - Jan 15 2018

Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Springs, CA

Kinesthesia: Latin American Kinetic Art , 1954–1969  will examine the influential and visually stunning work of South American kinetic artists. While Southern California was becoming the North American epicenter for Light and Space art in the 1960s, separate yet closely related technical experiments had been unfolding in a handful of major cities of South America, as well as in Paris, the European center for kinetic art. Kinesthesia will highlight the broad differences that emerged among the two principal South American centers of activity: Argentina, where kinetic art grew out of local debates about painting; and Venezuela, where pioneering notions of modern architecture stimulated a synthesis of art and design. Kinesthesia will tell this story through 50 works—primarily kinetic sculptures and sculptural installations—by Jesús Rafael Soto, Julio Le Parc, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Martha Boto, and others.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Latin American
  • 20th Century
  • Jesús Rafael Soto
  • Julio Le Parc
  • Carlos Cruz-Diez
  • Martha Boto
  • and others

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