Esteban Lisa: The Abstract Cabinet

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Sep 16 2017 - Dec 10 2017

The Abstract Cabinet features paintings of Spanish-Argentinian Esteban Lisa (1895–1983), a pioneer, along with Joaquín Torres García, of Latin American abstraction. Lisa’s paintings reveal the mind of an intellectual artist who wrote prolifically about the dialectical relationship among art, philosophy, and science. Lisa worked in private, seeking to resolve these dialectics through small-scale abstractions, which he never exhibited. The paintings’ reduced size invites an intimate exploration of his work. The title of the exhibition refers to an installation modeled on Soviet artist El Lissitzky’s 1926 Abstrakte Kabinett, a small display room integrating abstract art within a three-dimensional space. The paintings in the McMullen’s Abstract Cabinet offer an examination of the artist’s evolution beginning with his 1930s experiments in abstraction. It follows Lisa through his founding in 1955 of “The Four Dimensions” School of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, when based on Einsteinian-Kantian principles he devised a theory of “cosmovisión” (a worldview concerned with space-time communication). The following year he published his manifesto Kant, Einstein y Picasso. Strongly influenced by European art and culture, Lisa saw his works as engaged with those of Miró, Picasso, Klee, Mondrian, and Kandinsky. The exhibition culminates with Lisa’s foray into informalism in the 1960s. Composed on paper and scraps of cardboard and intended only for his students’ eyes, Lisa’s paintings now displayed in The Abstract Cabinet introduce visitors to a little known, albeit one of the twentieth century’s most important, Latin American abstract artists.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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