Cathy Cunningham-Little

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Mar 24 2017 - May 21 2017

2017 Contemporary Artist Series: Science in the Southwest
Back from a hiatus, the 2017 Contemporary Series will examine the role that artists have in engaging with different scientific disciplines and presenting information in new and dynamic ways to the public. Although they are now two distinct fields, for centuries science and art were closely intertwined. Contemporary artists are starting to once again bridge the divide and unite the two fields. In 2017 the Museum of the Southwest presents four different artists whose photographs, sculptures and multimedia installations bring together art and science in the American Southwest.

San Antonio-based Cathy Cunningham-Little uses light, shadow, color interactions and other materials to explore perceptual phenomena and metaphysical issues. Her light installations use simple geometry and other neutral forms to produce vivid assemblages that change depending on the viewer and the location. Viewers are asked to become an active participant in a dialogue with the work of art as they experience the dissolution of boundaries between substance and space, and begin to question the nature of perception.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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