Picasso’s Dream and Lie of Franco: The Spanish Civil War in Print

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Apr 2 2017 - Jul 2 2017

Meadows Museum

Dallas, TX

June of 2017 will mark eighty years since the production of Guernica by Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), made in response to the horrific events of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1939). This exhibition commemorates the anniversary of Picasso’s great painting by showcasing a pair of prints in the Meadows collection, transformed by the very same events that inspired Guernica.

Picasso’s Dream and Lie of Franco were made during a period that witnessed a burst of creative work on paper in the form of posters, cartoons, postcards, and satirical illustrations. The Meadows Museum is in possession of a set of posters from this period that are exemplary of the thematic and visual-cultural context from which The Dream and Lie of Franco emerged. Presented across from Picasso’s prints in this exhibition, these extraordinary artifacts will be on view at the Museum for the first time.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Works on Paper
  • European
  • 20th Century
  • Pablo Picasso

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