Clayton Frazier: Faces of the Island of Saint Dominique

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Feb 15 2017 - Apr 23 2017

Bronx Museum of the Arts

New York City, NY

Bronx-born photographer Clayton Frazier has balanced a career in special education and history with his work creating publicity and video presentations for companies such as CBS, Warner Brothers, Arista Records, the United Nations, in addition to his membership in the photographic and video unit of the New York District Attorney’s Office.

For this exhibition, Frazier presents a series of photographs from his time in the music and television industry alongside documentary images from the island of Saint Dominique, known today as Haiti (as well as the Dominican Republic). Photographs from the 1980s focus on renowned entertainment figures such as Michael Jackson, WBLS radio host Frankie Crocker, Eddie Levert from the popular group The O’Jays, and singer Grace Jones. In the 1990s, Frazier traveled to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where he produced a photographic essay exploring the lives of young and adult inhabitants working, socializing, and surviving both in the city and the rural countryside. In the face of centuries of colonialism and dictatorships, Frazier’s images capture the resilience and pride of each island nation’s inhabitants.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

  • Photography
  • American
  • 20th Century
  • Clayton Frazier

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