Text Me: How We Live in Language

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Sep 16 2017 - Feb 4 2018

Illicit Liaison: Graphic Art showcases the many ways in which text influences art, design, literature, music and all forms of visual communication in culture today. This exhibition casts light on the ways that text in all of its visual forms impacts our world today. From social media to tattoos to way-finding signage to fine art, fast moving consumer goods, clothing, household goods and decoration, bold typographic expression has become the cultural currency of communication and the centerpiece of connection. 

Illicit Liaison offers an interactive, immersive experience, resulting in a transformative and inspiring experience showcasing how typography and visual expression can change a mood, a culture and the world. Organized into four areas: paper, marks, goods and environments, the exhibition features a variety of artists and designers whose work has been significant in the graphic arts discipline.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Contemporary
  • Design
  • Various artists

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