Metamorphosis. The Human Stories. Works by Eva Harut and Stephanie Luening

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Feb 22 2017 - Mar 26 2017

Noyes Museum of Art

Atlantic City, NJ

Stockton University and The Noyes Arts Garage present works by Eva Harut and Stephanie Luening, two artists who are participating in an international symposium at Stockton University entitled “Metamorphosis. The Human Stories.”  

Stephanie Luening, a multimedia artist working in Dresden, Germany, will present works on paper and an artist performance creating a site-specific wax object, a series which she started in June 2016. This project has been realized in Armenia, Germany, Poland, and England.

Eva Harut is a multimedia artist, journalist, and writer, working in Dresden Germany. Her installation/performance holds historical references to a connection between the events of the 1915 Armenian Genocide and the present. It symbolizes the Armenians as refugees scattered around the world; the Armenians who remained in Turkey, but were forced to hide their origin; and the Armenians who adopted a different nationality in other countries. However, though based on the history of 1915, this installation addresses the current migration crisis. The installation presents a variety of bottles. Some are hand painted, some are just dipped in paint, some are untouched. The artist’s interaction with bottles draws symbolic parallels with human experiences. This project has been realized in Armenia, Germany, and Russia.

At the Stockton Osprey Gallery and AC Gallery, The Arts Garage, A.C.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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  • Eva Harut
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