Kiefer Rodin

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Nov 17 2017 - Mar 12 2018

Barnes Foundation

Philadelphia, PA

In collaboration with the Musée Rodin in Paris, the Barnes Foundation presents Kiefer Rodin. Echoing Albert Barnes’s belief in artistic expression as an endless conversation between works of different times and places, this exhibition gathers new works by renowned contemporary artist Anselm Kiefer, created in response to sculptures and drawings by Auguste Rodin. Both Rodin (1840–1917) and Kiefer (b. 1945) establish an analogy between architecture—specifically gothic cathedrals—and the human body in their work. Rooted in experimentation and the manipulation of unexpected materials, Kiefer and Rodin’s artistic processes convey a poignant vision of humanity’s spiritual dilemma and our relation to history.

The exhibition includes over 100 works, including several of Kiefer’s large-scale illustrated books made in homage to Rodin from materials like plaster; large paintings; and vitrines filled with assorted objects including molds, dried plants, stones, and pieces of fabric; as well as sculptures and drawings by Rodin, some displayed in the U.S. for the first time. The contrast of Rodin’s work with Kiefer’s emphasizes Rodin’s modernity and his proximity to contemporary practice. The exhibition begins at the Musée Rodin in Paris (March 14–October 22, 2017) before traveling to the Barnes in time to mark the 100th anniversary of Rodin’s death.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

Whether you go or not, the exhibitions catalog, Kiefer-Rodin: Cathédrales, was developed for the centenary of Rodin's death. The Rodin Museum gave carte blanche to Anselm Kiefer, aiming to highlight the similarity between these two men and their artistic journeys. Kiefer collaborated on this project for four years and offers new works specially created for this exhibition - a mix of original large scale paintings, windows with sculptures/installations and large size book pages made of plaster and painted over.

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