WYA: The Show About The Party You Missed

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Mar 3 2017 - Jul 16 2017

The Jepson Café will feature a unique collaboration between local artists Will Penny and Cameron Allen investigating constructed and mediated reality. The installation is part of Telfair Museums’ #art912 initiative, a dedicated platform to raise the visibility and promote the vitality of artists from Savannah.

“hey, where you at????

I’m here at the party,

…pretty sure I am. It looks like it might be over. This place is in ruins.”

This is a show about the party you missed. WYA (Where You At?) is about the fear of missing out (FOMO) caused by the extreme and constant onslaught of social media updates with highlights of what you missed and the whereabouts of the next party to come. WYA is about shifting through those mental states of location. WYA is not about the present. The present is lost the second it’s posted. Social media is the modern party. When we go to parties, we’re essentially attending to alter our realities to some degree. Much like what we may seek while we stare into our phones. Some of the sights in this show may resemble the aftermath of that party you heard was so lit.

…when the sun comes up and all that’s left over are crushed cans and ‘solo’ cups, flickering lights, decor ruins, and that one sad little dancing party light who didn’t get the memo that it’s over.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • International
  • Contemporary
  • Will Penny
  • Cameron Allen

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