Ketra Oberlander: Homo Identus

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May 20 2017 - Aug 13 2017

Triton Museum of Art

Santa Clara, CA

Homo Identus is a fine art installation exploring the relationship between community and disability and the formation of identity as a response to hegemony, in other words, how the routine marginalization of disabled people accumulates to distort one’s sense of self. The show name derives from how each person fits into and contributes to the whole of humanity.

Scheduled at the Triton Museum of art for exhibition beginning May, 2017, the installation will be comprised of over 300 unique paintings, collage and assemblage artworks. Works will be executed on standardized, iconographic laser cut human forms and grouped thoughtfully to represent society. The display will stimulate discussion on themes of community, inclusion and individuality.

Artist Ketra Oberlander began painting at 40 after losing her sight to cone dystrophy, a rare genetic disorder. Never one to let anything stop her from articulating her vision, Ketra is a shining example of what is possible. This exhibition is shown featured as part of the ArtsAbled themed exhibitions the Triton will host in 2017.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website.

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