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Jan 9 2017 - Feb 26 2017

Founded in 1973 as an alternative to the more established art and culture hierarchy – Atlanta Contemporary was founded on the principles of engaging in experimentation and risk-taking through varying exhibitions, programming, and support of working artists. Our founders created an artist-run space in the truest sense of the term.

Here in the South, we do not see an overabundance of art institutions dedicated to the art of our time which makes exhibitions, performances, screenings, and publications that emerge from artist-run spaces even more important, more vital to what our region has exposure to. Atlanta Contemporary wants to shine a light on some of the current crop of exceptional artist-run spaces operating in our region. Located in our former SHOP (Gallery 6), we invite these spaces for a two month take over. They will have carte blanche to exhibit, play, and experiment. We look forward to seeing how these spaces reflect, expand, and update the ethos of our own early days.

Tops Gallery is a contemporary art space located in downtown Memphis. The program aims to create surprising and challenging exhibitions that engage the local community in Memphis, TN and beyond.

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