Visualizing Science

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Feb 10 2017 - Apr 15 2017

The works in Visualizing Science, supported by the vandal ideas project (vip), have come from conversations between eight artists and seven scientists, all faculty members at the University of Idaho. Only nine months have passed since the teams were assembled in May 2016, and much of the active collaboration has occurred during the five-month period leading up to this exhibit.

The arts operate on a different plane of understanding than the sciences, drawing ideas and information from the world, and then channeling that knowledge through the crucible of artistic imagination to produce shapes and colors, and sometimes movement or the suggestion of movement, that will in turn touch viewers on an emotional level.

Visualizing Science reveals that science and art have much to say to each other. This is not simply a process of encouraging artists to read technical articles and then translate the concepts into images. Not at all. Instead, you could say that this work begins to reveal the art of science and the science of art, the deep kinships inherent within seemingly disparate disciplines.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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  • Group show

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