Mallory/Wurtzburger: A Retrospective

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Jan 22 2017 - Apr 9 2017

In keeping with the Mallory/Wurtzburger series’ emphasis on exhibiting the work of local and regional contemporary artists, what better way to highlight Memphis art during the run of State of the Art than through a celebration of the artists from past Mallory/Wurtzburger exhibitions? 

This retrospective of Mallory/Wurtzburger artists celebrates the exhibition series with new works from some of the artists that have participated from 2008-2015, such as Kate Bradley, Jim Buchman, Joyce Gingold, Martha Kelly, Pixy Liao, Carl Moore, Haley Morris-Cafiero, Kong Wee Pang, Nick Peña, Brian Russell, and more.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

  • American
  • Contemporary
  • Kate Bradley
  • Jim Buchman
  • Joyce Gingold
  • Martha Kelly
  • Pixy Liao
  • Carl Moore
  • and others

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